There may be a variety of cleaning issues when we have pets on our carpets and furnishings. You can better understand these issues and the many available treatments by reviewing the information below.

◆ The best chemicals and techniques are at our professionals’ hands, and they use them. In a few rare instances, replacing carpets and furniture may be necessary because the issue is beyond simple cleaning.

 You get your carpets and furnishings cleaned and the pet odour becomes more obvious after cleaning. You might have overlooked urine-soiled regions, for example. Your carpet has pee-soiled patches that are “hidden” or undetectable, and cleaning the carpet has activated the urine salt deposits, making the odor stronger than it was before cleaning. Although it doesn’t happen frequently, this scenario is possible. It may also happen days after the cleaning is done. As long as the urine stains are in the carpet fibers and not in the carpet backing, underlay, or floorboards, odorcide can usually be used to remove any odor that remains after cleaning the carpet or furniture. 


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